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Creating tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians

A Message From Our President

I want to thank every one of you for being an integral part of Medical Students for Choice—our organization continues to grow not only in the United States but abroad as well. Thank you for your determination to ensure abortion training is accessible, whether through critical financial support, serving as mentors to MSFC members, or the conversations you’ve had about the importance of abortion training in your community.

Although interest in Medical Students for Choice is at its all-time high (attendance at the 2017 Conference on Family Planning was the largest in MSFC’s history!), a dark cloud looms over us. There will always be resistance against progress for abortion rights, but the thought of Roe v. Wade getting overturned becomes more plausible as the makeup of the Supreme Court changes under the current administration. It’s hard to remain hopeful when it feels for every step forward, we are taking two steps back. But immediate results are seldom attainable, especially in this line of work. We all felt hope in 2017 though, and I believe this report will show how much we have accomplished as we enter our 25th year of creating abortion providers. A record 172 students received training through the Reproductive Health Externship, 14 new chapters formed in the US alone, and chapter-sponsored educational events jumped by 33%!

I want to end by saying thank you again. MSFC changed my medical education in numerous ways, and the same can be said for many others. As a member, I met like-minded students, empowering and strengthening me on this journey. As a chapter leader, I connected with experts in the abortion community and learned how to organize events that would benefit my community. And as a member of the Board of Directors, I learned the importance of patience, diligence, and teamwork. Without MSFC, I am certain I would not have known this early on that becoming an abortion provider is what I am destined to do and what makes me feel truly happy.

Our efforts will ensure abortion training is accessible (or remains accessible), and every individual who is able to conceive has the ability to access abortion care safely. Thank you for a wonderful and incredibly inspiring year!


Caroline Vu
President 2017-2018, Board of Directors
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Voices of Our Members

Your generosity made their accomplishments possible.

Thank you!


RHE Participant

“This was one of the most moving, inspirational, and motivational experiences I’ve had not only in my medical career but in my life. Hearing and learning about each patient’s circumstance whether it be related to a fetal anomaly, a distressed relationship, or an elective decision, were experiences that will stay with me forever. I have never felt so resolved to pursue something in my life and spending time at [the clinic] has helped me to understand the type of physician I hope to become in the future.”


Chapter Leader

“I believe reproductive justice is a necessary requirement for an equitable society. One of the obstacles to achieving this goal is the lack of thoughtfully informed and trained physician advocates. Now more than ever, under the Trump administration, it will be crucial to expose young health care professionals to the many ways to advocate for choice in their professions. Medical Students for Choice is doing on the ground work to shape the future of the health care profession—I can’t imagine a better group to be a part of as a young woman in medicine.”


Conference Attendee

“Each of the sessions [at the conference] was not only informative but also offered concrete action items for us to take with us. I feel more equipped to be a compassionate provider and advocate armed with knowledge and a full toolbox of strategies.”

A Growing Membership

Since our founding in 1993, medical students have sought out and formed their own
pro-choice communities.

MSFC ended 2017 with







more US medical schools had an MSFC chapter on campus compared to last year.

MSFC Chapters

States without medical schools, but with MSFC members present through the Univ. of Washington WWAMI program

Our chapters are the heartbeat of the organization, fighting for change and leading the way on the ground. With each new chapter, more medical students are exposed to family planning education.

In 2017, MSFC chapters held



Reforming the Classroom

It isn’t a given that you’ll be trained on abortion care if you’re a medical student.

That’s why our members have been fighting to make it a part of their schools’ formal curricula!



reported working on curriculum reform.

You’ve supported students like AnnaMaria at the University of Missouri–Kansas City, who took matters into her own hands—she advocated for, created, and gave the lecture herself on elective abortions.

To read more about AnnaMaria’s efforts to close UMKC’s educational gap in family planning, visit the following page:

Hands-on Training

What about the students who don’t get any classroom time on abortion care?

MSFC hosted


Abortion Training Institutes

in 2017

Each two-day event provides an intense, small-group learning environment where students work closely with family planning experts.



fully funded
by you!

Attendees learned the full range of topics related to abortion, plus discussed values and advocacy.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive this valuable training and meet future colleagues. This weekend has solidified my desire to be an Ob/Gyn who provides abortions. I cannot thank you enough for helping to get me here!”


ATI Attendee

Real Clinics, Real Patients

In most medical schools, even being able to just observe an abortion is difficult.

This year, MSFC funded 172 medical students and residents to get training in clinical settings through the Reproductive Health Externship. MSFC worked with 126 training sites in the US and Canada, and 3 training organizations in the UK, Ghana, and Uganda.

Total number of externs per year since 2013

The number of externs has

doubledsince 2013

The RHE exposes students to not only abortions, but also pregnancy options and contraception counseling, pelvic exams, and sexually transmitted disease interventions.

% of externs getting exposure to clinical areas other than abortion in 2017

Creating a Community

Your gift to MSFC subsidizes the cost of attending our annual Conference on Family Planning for medical students, and totally supports our members coming from hostile environments or new chapters.

The conference is full of educational sessions, hands-on learning, and opportunities to make new friendships with like-minded peers from around the MSFC community.

Philadelphia, PA

The 2017 cofp


Students & Residents

from over



Total COFP attendees each year since 2013

Registration jumped


from 2016!

“This experience was truly beyond words!”
Alana, 2017 Extern

After attending the 2016 Conference on Family Planning and feeling inspired, Alana decided to further her training in 2017 with a Reproductive Heath Externship. You can read more about it here:

Practice Makes Perfect

MSFC provided chapters with supplies for

we also purchased

first trimester abortion training events using manual vacuum aspiration


IUD insertion training workshops

we also purchased

Papayas for first trimester abortion trainings for the CoFP and ATIs

Financial Statement 2017



Foundation Supporters 2017

Vladimir & Araxia Buckhantz Foundation

The 1661 Foundation

Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

The Leavens Foundation

The Scherman Foundation

The Libra Foundation

Alki Fund of the Rockefeller Family Fund

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

The Dr. Barnett A. Slepian Memorial Fund

The Isabel Allende Foundation

Mary Wohlford Foundation

Board of Directors 2017

Caroline Vu | President

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Abigail C. Davies | President- Elect

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Kristin C. Prewitt | Past-President

University of South Florida

Aaron D. Campbell, MD | Treasurer

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident

Mikaela A. Kelly | Secretary

Charles R. Drew University
David Geffen School of Medicine

Sabrina Holmquist, MD, MPH

University of Chicago
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Katie Hansen

Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin

Paul Oliveira Silva

Ford Foundation

Julia Dexter

University of New Mexico

Ebony Barley

Serendipity Media & Arts Collaborative Group, LLC

Kira Neel

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Jennifer Lee, JD

Nichols Kaster, PLLP

Leah Torres, MD, MS

Thank you for supporting Medical Students for Choice!

Creating tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians

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