Family Planning Education

The primary cause of the abortion provider shortage is a lack of training.

“I really appreciated getting to meet all these other medical students who are interested in protecting a woman’s right to choose!”

“Everything was very useful, and exactly what I wanted to get from it. It can be really hard to get focused, technical, and unbiased information regarding abortions!”

MSFC is dedicated to advancing family planning education by delivering quality educational content to our members at conferences and extra-curricular events and by supporting advocacy within existing medical school curricula.

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Medical Students / Curriculum Reform

Most people assume that a medical degree means that a physician has been trained in all aspects of patient care. You might be surprised to know that medical schools in the United States and Canada DO NOT adequately teach contraception, options counseling, and abortion procedures in their curricula. Over 1/3 of MSFC’s chapters are advocating for their medical schools to offer them better comprehensive reproductive health education. Learn more.