Finding My Place in the Movement

By Niki Leong, Class of 2021 at UCDSOM* I saw my first D&C as a pre-med college student, who had been newly introduced to the possibilities of ob/gyn. Despite being pro-choice, this experience deeply affected me and made me question my limits in the abortion debate. It also made me realize that being pro-choice does …

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Training to Competence Program

Q: What is the required time commitment to participate in the Training to Competence program?

A:  We require that residents find a host facility that guarantees exposure to 50 abortion procedures.  Depending on your chosen host facility, the average time commitment can range from one week to one month or more.

Q: During residency, when is the best time to complete the Reproductive Health Externship Funding Program?

A:  You may complete your externship at any point during residency.

Q:  Which expenses can I expect the Training to Competence program to cover?

A:  The Training to Competence program requires that you submit a budget of anticipated expenses to receive a stipend.  Covered expenses are travel, housing, commuting, and host facility costs.  Please note:  MSFC will happily consider applications requesting funds to cover housing expenses incurred as a direct result of participation in the externship, but current housing costs do not qualify under the stipend.

Q: After being accepted into the Training to Competence program when can I expect to receive the awarded funding?

Funds are typically disbursed in two payments, the first payment is sent during the externship, while the second is sent upon completion of all requirements.

Q:  How do I find a host facility?

A: In order to assist residents with this process, MSFC maintains a database of host facilities excited to participate in this program and is able to provide contact information for these sites upon request. Training to Competence participants must make arrangements at a host facility/facilities than will give them exposure to 50 abortion procedures. We encourage residents to research host facilities to find the best match.

Please Note, Planned Parenthood now requires that MSFC obtain a background check for externs who will train at their facilities. If you prefer not to be subject to a background check, please contact the Director of Training Programs for information about other potential training sites.

Q: How do I apply for the Training to Competence program?

A:  Here is the Resident Funding Application for the Training to Competence Program.