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Fewer medical students trained for abortion procedures

Mar 22, 2022 | By Sarah Varney in NBC News
This article was originally published in NBC News on March 22, 2022. You can access the original article here:

Featuring MSFC Medical Director, Pamela Merrit.

The anti-abortion movement knows it’s important to abortion rights advocates to maintain the pipeline of providers, “and that’s why they’re focused on travel bans,” said Pamela Merritt, executive director of Medical Students for Choice, which works with student volunteers across the country to advocate for abortion training. Merritt counsels medical students to train in “abortion refugee states while people try to undo the catastrophic, slow-moving car crash that is about to happen.”

“The accrediting agencies are not going to change the standard of care just because the Supreme Court strikes down the constitutional right of abortion,” Merritt said. “We have to have physicians who know what they’re doing.”

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