10 Reasons Every Medical Student Should Learn about Medication Abortion

By Abby Ramey and Rachel Abbott, MSFC Student Organizers As abortion becomes more restricted in the United States, medication abortion has become critical in the fight for abortion access. Medication abortion, or the “abortion pill”, is a combination of two drugs, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It is a popular and safe option for many, accounting for …

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Financial Support

Medical Students for Choice® has funding available to help your chapter host successful events! Don’t let finances stop your group from putting on great events. Capitalize on MSFC funding and make your chapter extraordinary!

If you have a question about funding, please contact [email protected] before you spend your own money.


All funding from MSFC Headquarters is accessed through a reimbursement process.

Reimbursement requests may only be submitted by a chapter’s Student Leader. However, expenses may be incurred by others; the Student Leader just needs to sign off on all reimbursements in the group’s name.

In general, all reimbursement requests should include a completed Reimbursement Request Form, found below, and all the relevant, itemized receipts. No credit card slips or bank account statements will be accepted. Please return the completed form and all applicable receipts to MSFC HQ. Requests can be emailed, faxed or mailed. Reimbursements must be for amounts of $25 or more. Reimbursements from multiple events can be compiled to meet this minimum amount.

Please submit your reimbursement within 30 days of the date on the receipt.

Reimbursement Form

Note: Paypal is the recommended form of reimbursement. If your check does not reach you, you will be responsible for a $33 stop payment fee.

Student Activism Fund / Student Trust Account

Student Activism Fund (SAF)
Each school chapter is eligible to receive $150.00 per semester from the Student Activism Fund for arranging abortion and family planning events. This money does not roll over; groups must use it by the end of each semester! If you are planning an event that might exceed $150.00 in costs, please contact [email protected] prior to the event, as additional funding may be available.

Student Trust Accounts
The Student Trust Account is a great way for groups to keep track of their finances, and guarantee that all donations are tax-deductible!

Here’s how it works: Student Trust Accounts are chapter bank accounts managed by MSFC Headquarters for student convenience. Money that is raised from t-shirt sales, donations, bake sales, letter-writing campaigns, or any other fundraising endeavor can be sent to MSFC HQ and put into a Student Trust Account. Funds from Student Trust Accounts can be used to purchase event supplies, travel to an MSFC-related meeting, or fund other creative projects that further the MSFC mission. Like all MSFC monies, Trust Account funds are accessed through a reimbursement process. Unlike the Student Activism Fund, money in your Trust Account can roll over from year to year.

A key advantage of chapter trust accounts is that donations made to this account are tax deductible. This makes it easier to fundraise! Encourage donors to make gifts with a reminder that MSFC HQ will send them an acknowledgment that can be used as a tax deduction.

Download our Semester Budget Template to keep track of your chapter’s funding!

Important Reminder
Anyone can deposit funds into your trust account, but only Student Leaders can authorize payments or reimbursements.


 Student Activism FundStudent Trust Accounts
How much?$150.00 per semesterHowever much your
chapter fundraises;
Trust accounts consist
of donations, proceeds
from fundraisers and
any other monies your
chapter wishes to
How to access $?ReimbursementReimbursement
Rolls over?No, use it or lose itYes
What can it be used for?Abortion and Family
Planning events
- Any events that further
MSFC's mission
- Fundraising supplies
- Travel to MSFC
- Registration costs of
MSFC meetings
Advantages?Available to every chapter
and refreshes every
- Donations to this
account are tax
- Rolls over from year to year
- Easy way to keep
track of group's funds
as leaders transition