Applying for Residency

If you are dedicated to pursuing abortion training during residency it is important to research residency programs and to directly ask about abortion training availability during your interviews. Currently, the Ryan & RHEDI program websites have the most comprehensive lists of residency programs which integrate abortion training for OB/Gyn and Family Medicine, respectively.

Residency Program Lists

It is possible to gain abortion training in specialties outside of Family Medicine and Ob/Gyn but residency program lists are not currently available. MSFC has developed an interview guide to help you assess if a prospective program would allow you to arrange abortion training opportunities outside of the program.

Interview Guides

Residents’ experiences of abortion training varies widely, and residency programs change frequently so while this information is intended to help you along your path to choosing a residency, it is not meant to be exhaustive.

Please contact us if you would like to share your perspective on abortion training at your institution, or your experiences on the interview trail. Medical students can use this information as they navigate the residency matching process!