How to Apply

Staff is here to help. If you have more specific questions or if you need assistance in getting started with the application, please call us at 215-625-0800 or email externs@msfc.org. You can also visit our FAQ page for the answers to questions we get most often about our Abortion Training Programs.

If you will need a visa in order to travel for the externship, we suggest starting to arrange your externship at least 3 months in advance. All documents should still be submitted to MSFC Headquarters at least 1 month before the start of your externship.

 Step 1: Please complete the BPAS Application Form and submit it along with a personal statement and letter of good standing to MSFC Headquarters. Forms can be emailed to externs@msfc.org or faxed to 215-625-4848.

 Step 2: MSFC will contact you after receiving your application documents and, if your application is approved, forward your information to BPAS.

 Step 3: BPAS will contact you regarding the scheduling of your externship. Once this is confirmed, you will receive a host facility confirmation directly from BPAS.

 Step 4: Apply for a visa if necessary. Students should apply for their visa as soon as they have arranged their time at a host facility. MSFC staff will provide you with a letter of invitation to submit with your visa application.

 Step 5: Submit a completed Budget Form to MSFC Headquarters.

 Step 6: You will receive an official acceptance letter, a link to our Pre-Externship Survey, and any follow-up materials. You must complete the survey and return any follow-up documents before the start of your externship.

Your stipend will be disbursed after the completion of your externship, following your completion of the Post-Externship Survey and submission of all relevant receipts to MSFC Headquarters.