Curriculum Reform at an International University in Uganda

 Reaching Young Doctors from Around the World Through Student Activism Paul Mulyamboga is a 4th year medical student and MSFC chapter leader at St Augustine International University in Kampala, Uganda.  The chapter recently advocated for abortion education to be included in the curriculum, changes that were unprecedented at any medical schools in Uganda. After months …

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Are you interested in joining the MSFC movement? You can help spread information about abortion and family planning education throughout the world.

MSFC chapters exist in over 180 locations worldwide. If there is a chapter at your school or in your community, we can help you get involved. If there is not a chapter currently, we can help you to start or revive leadership on campus. Whether you join an already existing chapter, become a student leader, or found a brand-new group, your actions will make waves in reproductive health education.

Get Involved

We have funding available to help your chapter host successful events!

    1. First, contact us! We’ll be able to tell you if there is currently or ever has been a chapter at your medical school. Whether you want to join a chapter, found a chapter, or are just curious, let us know so that we can support you.
    2. Lead a chapter! If you want to start a chapter or are taking over leadership from another student, we will send you our student leader handbook. Use our Recruitment Guide to help grow and sustain your chapter. You’ll also want to take a look at the resources we can offer with financial support and fundraising.
    3. Set Goals. What do you want your chapter to accomplish? What do you want to learn about reproductive health this year? You could host educational workshops, screen movies, work on changing your school’s curriculum and much more. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can visit our blog for stories from medical students about their leadership with MSFC.
    4. Decide on your structure. Some chapters will benefit by being officially recognized as a student group by their school in order to receive student activities funding. On other campuses, it will be easier to meet informally. You can talk to MSFC staff members to find out what has worked for other groups in circumstances like yours.
    5. Overcome challenges. If difficult situations arise, staff are here to help. See our guidelines for dealing with opposition, threats and harassment.
    6. Pass it on! Building leadership and mentoring younger students will ensure that the MSFC chapter at your school will live on and the work you undertake as a chapter will continue.

Whether your group is one or two people at a school that is hostile towards choice, or more than 100 people working together at a school that is friendly to collaboration, your efforts with Medical Students for Choice will help to transform medical education and inspire the next generation of abortion providers and pro-choice physicians!

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