Get Involved

Are you interested in joining the MSFC movement? Join our network of student leaders who are working to train themselves and their peers on abortion and family planning.


MSFC chapters exist in over 220 locations worldwide in around 20 countries. Don’t know if you have a chapter on your campus? Interested in starting your own chapter? Email us and we’ll help you get started!.

Starting a Chapter

  • First, contact us! If there’s already a chapter at your school, we’ll help you get connected with the current student leaders.
  • If there isn’t an active chapter at your school and you’re interested in helping to (re)start it, our Student Organizing Team will support you through the entire process. One of our Student Organizers will give you a call to go over the resources MSFC has to support you (including funding), and help you determine your plans and goals for your chapter.
  • Our chapters work on a variety of projects, from hosting skills workshops to reforming their school’s curriculum to advocating for reproductive rights and healthcare access in their communities. We leave it up to you to determine what direction your chapter should take—we are here to guide and support you along whichever path you choose. If you’re not quite sure of your vision for your chapter, don’t worry—we can help you figure out what makes the most sense for your context.
  • Your Student Organizer will check in with your chapter regularly to see what you’ve been up to, whether you’re experiencing any challenges on your campus and/or in your community, and if you’re transitioning leadership around once a year to ensure your chapter remains active. The work our chapters do is central to MSFC’s work, so we love hearing from our student leaders and encourage them to keep us in the loop!
  • For help dealing with a hostile response or threats, read our guidelines and contact

Contact us today to find out how you can help transform medical education and inspire the next generation of abortion providers and pro-choice physicians. Email!