About Us

Founded by medical students in 1993 as a response to the almost complete deficit of abortion education in their medical training, Medical Students for Choice (a 501©3 non-profit) has filled a unique niche in the abortion rights movement. We work to ensure that medical students and trainees are educated about all aspects of reproductive health care, including abortion.

Currently, MSFC has more than 220 chapters around the world. With abortion training still lacking in medical school curricula, MSFC members organize to change institutional policies and broaden opportunities for all their fellow students to receive family planning education.

Medical Students for Choice supports any medical student or physician in training seeking abortion and family planning education. MSFC works to bring family planning and abortion education to medical students through the following programs:

Student Organizing

Using a Community Organizing model, our largest program is designed to motivate and empower student chapters. Each chapter plans and implements their own activities to educate their peers and address the needs of their community.

Conference and Meetings

MSFC brings its community together several times a year, through our large annual Conference on Family Planning and several smaller Abortion Training Institutes and regional meetings.

Abortion Training

Ensuring that education and training on abortion is available and accessible to any medical student or resident physician who seeks clinical training, this program provides financial support for individuals obtaining training outside of their set curriculum.