Finding My Place in the Movement

By Niki Leong, Class of 2021 at UCDSOM* I saw my first D&C as a pre-med college student, who had been newly introduced to the possibilities of ob/gyn. Despite being pro-choice, this experience deeply affected me and made me question my limits in the abortion debate. It also made me realize that being pro-choice does …

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fundraisingFundraising allows MSFC chapters to host events, increase awareness, and send more students to our annual Conference on Family Planning! Developing creative ways to raise money can be fun and increase the impact of your work.

Download our Fundraising Guide for ideas about how to successfully raise money!  Interested in fundraising for the conference, check out our Conference Fundraising Toolkit- 2017!

All funds will be held in your chapter’s trust account. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Have a Letter Writing Campaign

Ask family, friends, professors, and alumni for gifts.  Engage all chapter members to ensure that you reach out to as many people as possible. For MSFC letterhead, remittance envelops, and advice email us at [email protected]. Here is a Sample Solicitation Letter to help you get started!

Get In-Kind Donations from Local Businesses

In-kind donations refer to non-cash gifts to your organization (food, materials, lecturers, etc.). In-kind donations are a great way to engage your local community in MSFC activities while also securing free or discounted goods for chapter events. Many local and chain delis, bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants will be happy to support your work by providing food for your next event.  Remember to bring a solicitation letter with you when you make these asks.

Here is a template to get you started: In-Kind Letter Template.

Host a Fundraising Event

  • Sell candy and condom-grams for Valentine’s Day/National Condom Day.
  • Sell coffee before 1st and 2nd year morning lectures (get coffee donated from a local café or on campus coffee shop).
  • Hold a bake sale (many bakeries will donate “day old” goodies).
  • Hold a happy hour at a local bar—arrange for a percentage of the proceeds to go to your chapter.
  • Sell exam stress kits (bottled water, popcorn, chocolate, energy drinks, condoms etc.)
  • Organize a scrub sale.
  • Co-host a fundraising event with other student groups or local pro-choice organizations.
  • Sell pro-choice buttons or lapel pins.
  • Make MSFC t-shirts and sell them! (If the shirts have our name/logo please send the design to [email protected] to be approved before your order them).
  • Sell tickets to a Trivia Night with questions about reproductive topics and give away inexpensive gag gifts or donated prizes.

For more information on fundraising or to share with us about a successful fundraiser, please contact [email protected].