Medical Students

Medical student activists are the foundation of the organization and integral to the success of MSFC: assessing campus needs; organizing fellow students around these needs; filling the gaps in curriculum through educational events; promoting MSFC programming opportunities to classmates; and working with administrators to officially add abortion and family planning to the medical school curriculum. Join our network of over 10,000 medical students and residents around the United States and internationally.

Student Advocacy

Medical students around the globe are stepping up to combat harmful legislation that restricts abortion access. Click here to read a personal account of a future abortion provider who advocated against Tennessee's Amendment 1.

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Abortion Training

At Medical Students for Choice, we believe that medical students should have clinical exposure to abortion care. The Reproductive Health Externship and the Clinical Abortion Observation programs support medical students to spend time in a clinic learning about reproductive health and abortion care.

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Curriculum Reform

Many medical schools do not adequately teach contraception, options counseling, and abortion procedures in their curricula. MSFC groups have designed and successfully implemented new classes and lectures to include reproductive health and abortion care at medical schools across the US and Canada. Efforts have also begun in five chapters overseas.

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For many women seeking abortions today, one of the greatest obstacles is simply finding a doctor. Without providers, there is no choice. For 20 years, Medical Students for Choice has worked to ensure doctors are trained to provide women with comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion.

Consider your gift an investment in the next generation of abortion providers.

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Student Leadership

Medical Students for Choice is an internationally recognized non-profit organization with a network of over 10,000 medical students and residents around the United States and internationally.

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