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The Many Intersections of Reproductive Justice

Jun 06, 2021 | By Dr. Colleen McNicholas and Pamela Merritt in The Humanist
This article was originally published in The Humanist on June 06, 2021 You can access the original article here:

Before we approach what can be challenging issues for people to digest, we want to invite you to open your mind to concepts you might not be familiar with, or that you might have heard misrepresentations of, and the reality that your lived experience is not everybody’s lived experience. Your experience within healthcare might not be the same as someone else’s experience. Within the reproductive justice movement, we are organizing by centering the most marginalized within our communities, and sometimes that’s not you. If we aren’t open to receive a completely different narrative, then we will continue to do the exact same things and not make needed changes. People are human, so we want to make space for people to make mistakes as long as that is done in the pursuit of growth and education.

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