Your gift to MSFC will create the next generation of abortion providers and pro-choice physicians, expanding family planning access for everyone.

Help make reproductive healthcare accessible!

Medical Students for Choice utilizes the power of medical students to increase access to reproductive health care. Founded in 1993 by medical students, we’ve been advocating, training, and reforming for over 25 years, with student leaders at the helm of our work. With 244 chapters across the globe, MSFC creates change on multiple levels, individually by training medical students, institutionally through curriculum reform, and the collective by increasing the number of healthcare professionals knowledgeable about and willing to provide abortion and reproductive health care. MSFC operates as a crucial piece of the puzzle and believes in building the future and sustaining communities. If you believe in protecting abortion and other reproductive health care, your donation will allow us to do just that and push the initiatives below forward.

  • The network of (future) providers created by MSFC membership builds community and helps medical students feel supported and empowered in their decision to provide abortion care and create change in the medical field. When you donate, you help us organize.
  • Medical students can access training and other resources through MSFC Head Quarters and local chapters that otherwise do not exist at their medical schools. When you donate, you allow us to share educational tools.
  • Our members transform the medical system from the inside out, making it a safer, more compassionate place for patients to show up as their whole selves. When you donate, you join us in creating transformational change.
  • The work of our medical students directly impacts abortion access worldwide, and our chapters continue to experience robust growth. When you donate, you ensure international medical training.
  • Our student members work to dismantle the systems of oppression within medical education and provision and believe in creating a more just tomorrow. When you donate, you invest in expanding equity.

MSFC is always happy to accept gifts over the phone or via mail. To give a gift via mail please download and print this donation form to send in along with your donation. To make a gift over the phone please contact our office at 215-625-0800 and any MSFC staff person will be happy to help you!

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MSFC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Gifts are tax-deductible.