Abortion Training

MSFC believes that medical students and residents should have the means to obtain clinical exposure to abortion care. We support abortion training by providing these three resources to medical students and residents: funding for a Reproductive Health Externship, access to our directory of abortion training host facilities, and maintenance of a list of residency programs that integrate abortion training.

"The entire staff at my host facility was interested in my education and took any opportunity to teach." - RHE participant

Reproductive Health Externship Funding Program


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hands-on workshops

Giving students an opportunity for hands-on skill building enables them to get involved in an interactive MSFC event with a tangible learning outcome. Papaya workshops provide students with the perfect setting in which to learn and practice Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) technique in a hands-on setting. For more information or to request supplies, please contact the MSFC HQ.

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