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Abortion Doctors Under the Microscope

Oct 03, 2022 | By Ramenda Cyrus in The American Prospect
This article was originally published in The American Prospect on October 3, 2022. You can access the original article here:

Featuring MSFC Founder, Jody Steinauer, MD, PhD.

When Jody Steinauer was growing up in the ’80s in Nebraska, Roe v. Wade had been decided less than a decade earlier. The important women in Steinauer’s family, especially her mother, made sure to express to her that reproductive care was essential to the life of a woman and that abortion was a universal right.

As Steinauer’s career progressed and she became a senior ob/gyn at the University of California, San Francisco, the need for abortion access only became more salient. “Abortion provision and training was just core to what I love and care about as an ob/gyn,” Steinauer told me. As a student, she was one of the founders of Medical Students for Choice, a student-led organization that continues to work to destigmatize abortion training, as well as convince affiliated schools to include “abortion as a part of a comprehensive reproductive health services curriculum.”

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