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Abortion-rights supporters say Vermont constitutional amendment more urgent after Texas ruling

Sep 03, 2021 | By Grace Benninghoff in VTDigger
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Featuring MSFC Board of Directors’ President, Kalin J. Gregory-Davis.

Kalin Gregory-Davis, a medical student at the University of Vermont and the board president of Medical Students for Choice, said the situation in Texas — and the potential fragility of Roe — underscores the importance of Proposal 5 in Vermont.

“Say Roe v. Wade does get overturned, we want to make sure abortion is accessible at least somewhere,” Gregory-Davis said.

Before studying to become an abortion physician in Vermont, Gregory-Davis lived in Texas and then worked at an abortion clinic in New Mexico. After the passage of House Bill 2 in Texas, which included a requirement that abortion physicians hold hospital admitting privileges — a complicated designation that is often deemed medically unnecessary for providers — more than half of the clinics in the state closed.

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