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Amid abortion rights threat, OB-GYNs more vocal with support

Mar 08, 2022 | By Travis Loller in ABC News
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Featuring MSFC Founder, Jody Steinauer, MD, PhD.

“There’s no question of the huge adverse effect of the movement of abortion into clinics,” Bixby Director Jody Steinauer said. “You go see your OB-GYN if you want to continue the pregnancy and go to a clinic if you want an abortion.”

By 1992, only 12% of OB-GYN programs were routinely training residents in abortion care, according to a 1995 study in the journal of Family Planning Perspectives.

“In 1992 there was a huge crisis. All the doctors who had seen women die before Roe were reaching the end of their careers … and they were panicked that there was going to be no younger generation to care for these patients,” said Steinauer, who founded Medical Students for Choice when she was in medical school.

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