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N.Y. Assembly must stop blocking abortion bill: The telemedicine shield legislation protecting doctors has passed the Senate but remains stalled

May 08, 2023 | By Julie F. Kay in New York Daily News
This article was originally published in New York Daily News on May 08, 2023. You can access the original article here:

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Last week, Gov. Hochul trumpeted “major actions” she has signed into law to protect abortion access, including more than $100 million in new funding. Unfortunately, the most significant legislative piece is missing in action. A key, cost-free bill to protect telemedicine abortion is now dawdling in the Assembly and it’s not clear why.


The widespread support for this bill was on full display during a recent press conference held at the Capitol with Mayer and Assemblymember Karines Reyes and a dozen other members of the Assembly and Senate representing the bill’s many cosponsors and supporters. ACT Access stood with Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, New York Civil Liberties Union, New York State Academy of Family Physicians, Center for Reproductive Rights, Medical Students for Choice, National Institute for Reproductive Health, Advocates for Youth, and others all calling for immediate passage of this important bill. And yet it remains stuck in the Assembly…

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