Our Work

Creating Tomorrow’s Abortion Providers and Pro-Choice Physicians

The Challenge

Despite being one of the most common medical procedures, abortion is not being taught to most medical students. Less than half of our members learned about first trimester surgical abortion from their schools. When future doctors are not educated on abortion and family planning, they are unable to offer their patients the full range of reproductive health care. Medical Students for Choice fights to keep choice a reality for women by creating abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.

Our Work

Medical Students for Choice works to ensure that all medical students have access to abortion education and training. We do this through the following programs:

  • Student Organizing: Our medical student activists organize extracurricular educational events on abortion and family planning to offer their classmates. These events range from lectures given by family planning experts to clinical skills workshop. For many students, these events are their only chance to learn about abortion at their institution.
  • Curriculum Reform: Medical student leaders work to make abortion and contraception a part of their standard medical school curriculum.
  • Reproductive Health Externship Funding Program: Medical Students for Choice funds medical students and residents efforts to receive clinical exposure to abortion care. Medical students and residents spend upwards of 2 weeks learning from abortion providers in a clinical setting.
  • Conferences and Institutes: Our annual Conference on Family Planning brings together hundreds of medical students, residents, and family planning experts for a weekend of abortion and family planning education.  Our Abortion Training Institute is a fully-funded, small group opportunity for medical students to learn all about abortion procedures, abortion-focused legislation, and how to be an advocate for their patients.

Our Successes

  • Medical Students for Choice network continues to grow rapidly. Now, MSFC’s community encompasses more than 10,000 student and resident activists at over 210 medical schools around the world.
  • MSFC has resident activists in over 200 resident programs working to integrate abortion care into their clinical training.
  • MSFC’s Reproductive Health Externship Funding Program has trained over 1400 students and residents in abortion provision.
  • MSFC directly educates nearly 1,000 medical students and residents in abortion and family planning each year through our Conference on Family Planning and other MSFC sponsored events.
  • MSFC alumni provide non-judgmental care to their patients across the globe. They are actively ensuring access to safe abortion care in more than 300 cities and towns, in rural and urban communities across the globe.
  • Over 1/3rd of our 24 years of alumni currently provide abortions and many more are working to make abortion provision a part of their practice.
  • Of our abortion providing alumni, 40% perform later abortions.