From the Executive Director

I am thrilled to lead MSFC as the new Executive Director. I look forward to meeting with MSFC student leaders as they train and organize to ensure everyone has the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and to live in communities free of violence and oppression.

Headshot of Pamela Merritt, MSFC's Executive Director.

Pamela Merritt, MSFC’s Executive Director.

Creating tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians is essential to advancing reproductive justice. In this effort, MSFC student leaders, alumni, donors, and supporters join millions of people across the world to raise our voices in unapologetic support of abortion care and access. From Ireland and Venezuela to Poland and Kenya, support for legal access to abortion is strong and growing.

We also have an opportunity to address injustices that are often barriers to care. People want to live in healthy communities, and dismantling reproductive oppression is a necessary step to building a more just world. As we work to increase access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, we must address the historical racial injustices rooted within medical institutions. I look forward to working with student leaders to create space for learning and courageous conversation, and to support organizing efforts that seek to right historical wrongs, hold institutions and leaders accountable, and clear the path as justice continues to march forward.

To our members and alumni, thank you for your activism. You are the leaders our movement has been waiting for, and you inspire me every day.

In solidarity,

Pamela Merritt
Executive Director, Medical Students for Choice