MSFC Chapters Champion Safe Abortion Advocacy Across Universities

GULU UNIVERSITY chapter in Uganda reached out to the faculty and taught them about safe abortion, its definition, where to get the services, and post-abortion care with the theme, “Childbirth should be your choice not a mistake.” With this, many individuals had a voice and knew they could carry out abortion safely.

MAKERERE UNIVERSITY chapter in Kampala, Uganda, successfully participated in the commemoration of International Safe Abortion Day on September 28th under the theme “Mitigate the unsafe abortions, reduce the abortion Stigma”:

Four active MSFC-MAK Chapter Members reached out to 47 students to talk about abortion stigma, its impact, and how it can be mitigated.

MSFC-MAK Chapter Members attended several online spaces discussing different themes concerning abortion. Most notable was the Twitter Space hosted by Women With A Mission (WWM) in partnership with Global Find for Women. The space was under the theme Unsafe Abortions in Uganda, A public health problem we must deal with. Simon Sserrwanja (A prominent news anchor) moderated the session and had one of our MSFC Almunus, Dr. Kizza Blair, as a Keynote Speaker.

MSFC-MAK hosted a keynote speaker, Mrs. Nambassa Jovia from Dwona Initiatives, to give an address on unsafe abortion and abortion stigma under the Chapter Theme for the Celebrations. Over 150 Medical and non-medical students attended the session.

FSS-COTONOU UNIVERSITY chapter in Cotonou, Benin, conducted an online campaign on their social media on safe abortion in partnership with the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO).  The training of health workers on safe abortion advocacy through Young Health Workers for Secure abortion networks helps bridge the inequality gaps and provide reliable information on safe abortion.

Their social media profiles:

CHARLES UNIVERSITY chapter in Prague, Czechia, made an Instagram post on their OBGYN account. Students had a presentation about the background of International Safe Abortion Day and planned to show a movie in a public student house about conscious objection concerning abortion.

They also watched videos by the collective KINOKAS, called “wie wir wollen,” which included videos of people sharing individual life stories and how they perceived their abortion, and different perspectives were illuminated.


UNIVERSITÉ DE CONSERVATION DE LA NATURE ET DE DÉVELOPPEMENT DE KASUGHO (UCNDK) chapter in the Democratic Republic of Congo organized an atelier on contraception where they talked about the history of contraception, their culture, and contraception. In the end, they did a debate between our MSFC/UCNDK and student participants on the topic of “stigmatization of men contraception could end in our society?”


HAMBURG UNIVERSITY chapter in Germany helped organize a demonstration together with some other queer feminist organizations (ProFamilia, Efras, Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung) and had a speech at the rally about what they do and stand for.