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Statement on the Attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs


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In the field of abortion care the isolation and targeting of physicians is nothing new. We have seen these terroristic attacks take the form of picketing providers’ homes and children’s schools, clinic arsons and bombings, and most horrifying, the murder and attempted murder of abortion providers. As we look back on 2015, the landscape is once again filled with a barrage of attacks on women’s access to abortion care.

This past weekend, as we have seen too many times before, those who lovingly accompanied friends and family members to a health clinic to receive care lost their lives to this violence.  When the political rhetoric rises to the extreme levels we have seen be endlessly repeated in our media this year, we must hold those voices accountable for the horrific consequences of their callous, politically motivated decisions.

At MSFC, we dedicate our work to ensuring that everyone will have a caring, compassionate physician to provide any medical support a person or family may need. The absolute commitment to that vision shown by our members every day is inspiring and serves to answer the strident voices of those who will go to any lengths to prevent people from making their own health decisions.  Abortion is moral and legal, murder is not.  It’s that simple.

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