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"My experience was incredible. I learned so much in such a short amount of time."

2015 RHE Participant

"It is wonderful to find a community of supportive colleagues. I'm excited to be on this path towards becoming and abortion provider."

2015 Abortion Training Institute participant

The First at My Medical School


As a medical student, I was actively looking for opportunities to educate myself further in women’s health. I reached out to MSFC because their mission resonated with what I believed in terms of the care I wanted to provide for families out there. They recognized the need to educate students from early training years so they are completely prepared to offer the best care upon graduation. On top of early clinical rotations in 3rd and 4th year, students who share an early interest in reproductive health need opportunities to observe established health care providers who give such service to patients.  MSFC makes sure students have this opportunity through their externship programs and even gives funding to materialize this.

I chose to be a Medical Student for Choice because I believe as a health care provider; we need to provide exemplary care for the women and their families that sought our expertise. I believe in delivering the care women need without involving external policies, politics or personal belief and MSFC gives that opportunity to its members.  Being an MSFC member is my own way to enhance my exposure to latest medical procedures practiced across nation and come together in the medical community with others who share my same passion.  As a member, I am educated on a regular basis through newsletters, conferences and workshops set up every year for its members.  Since I am the first member to join MSFC from my medical school, I hope to set up a strong chapter at the school so other students can access the same opportunities I receive. I am now working towards setting up workshops across the teaching hospitals I work under, so students currently in clinical rotations have easy access to demonstration workshops by qualified physicians willing to share their expertise. I hope that my journey from here forth will change the way we medical students view reproductive health of women. I hope we can empower ourselves through MSFC by receiving the best training we can to serve the people.

Teejay, American University of Antigua

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