Guide to Leading Your Chapter / MSFC Chapter Funding

MSFC Chapter Funding

Student Activism Fund

The Basics

  • MSFC chapters that do not receive grants (chapters outside of Africa) are entitled to up to $150 USD every 6 months.
  • These funds do not roll over from one period to the next. SAF Funding will replenish in January and in July.
  • Access your funds via reimbursement.
  • Additional Student Activism Funding may be available to meet special needs. Contact to discuss additional funding needs.
  • Restrictions: SAF Funding cannot be used to purchase alcohol, to pay for travel to MSFC’s annual conference, or to pay for fundraising supplies.

See more on MSFC’s website. With any questions, contact your student organizer at

Grant Funding

  • Some chapters outside the US will receive SAF funding in a grant rather than reimbursement.
  • If your chapter is eligible to receive a grant, your student organizer will discuss the details with you.
  • You must submit grant reports on a quarterly basis. You will receive reminders and detailed instructions. Make sure you get receipts for any MSFC money that you spend.

Student Trust Accounts

Did you do your own fundraising? Need a safe place to keep the funds? Use your MSFC Trust Account.

  • Contributions made to a chapter and deposited to a Student Trust account are tax-deductible for donors who pay taxes in the US. MSFC Headquarters sends donors the acknowledgement they need in order to claim a tax deduction.
  • You will receive a monthly update on your balance, or can request one at any time.
  • A Trust Account ensures that the money you raise is preserved for the future.
  • Anyone may deposit funds into a Trust Account, but only a Student Leader may authorize payments or reimbursements.
  • Deposits to the Trust Account must be sent to MSFC HQ by check with the medical school name in the memo line or can be sent online via our donation page with medical school name in the dedication line.

*Important note: If a student group is inactive for five years or more, MSFC Headquarters, at its discretion and in keeping with donors’ intentions, may redistribute unused funds.


Reimbursement Details

The reimbursement process is the same for all of the types of the funding listed previously. Requests for reimbursement from the Student Activism Fund or from a Student Trust Account must be authorized by a current Student Leader.

  • All reimbursement requests should include a completed Reimbursement Request Form and all relevant itemized receipts with proof of payment (see example below). Requests should be for expenditures greater than $25.00.
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date of purchase on submitted receipts.
  • Credit card statements and bank statements are not permissible proofs of purchase.
  • Mileage is reimbursed using the US IRS reimbursement guidelines. Gas is not reimbursed.
  • Reimbursements will be paid through a PayPal account or personal check. It is the recipient’s responsibility to verify that you will be able to receive mail at the address you provide if you choose to receive a check.
  • If you need the check re-issued, you will be responsible for a $33USD fee.
  • MSFC is responsible for banking fees charged to MSFC’s accounts, but does not pay banking fees incurred by individuals.
  • For international transfers, reimbursements will be awarded based on the published exchange rate the day the request is processed.


Sample Receipt

Not all vendors will include proof of payment and the list of items purchased on the same receipt. You may submit as many receipts as you need to ensure all necessary elements are included. For example, sometimes the signed copy will have proof of payment, but not be itemized, etc.

If a vendor does not automatically provide itemized receipts with proof of payment, please work with them to get the documentation you need for reimbursement. For example, smaller businesses may handwrite receipts, etc. Oftentimes, you can contact a vendor after you’ve made your purchase and have them print/reprint a receipt if you need them to.