Guide to Leading Your Chapter / Transitioning Leadership

Transitioning Leadership

The success and sustainability of MSFC’s student-led activism depends on successful transitions in leadership. Your involvement in identifying and fostering new leadership will ensure your chapter’s future growth and its relationship with MSFC headquarters. Here are some tips for developing new leaders and transitioning. Inform MSFC staff when your leadership turns over by emailing

  • Identify and develop leaders. If certain students repeatedly attend events, offer them opportunities to help out and get involved in small ways that interest them.
  • Send out emails, social media posts, or post fliers inviting students to volunteer for leadership positions. Emphasize that those passionate about reproductive rights and access should consider applying as MSFC student leadership is an excellent way to refine both educational and advocacy skills.
  • If you have more difficulty securing new leadership, identify one or two people who have been involved with the group that you think would be strong Student Leaders for next year. Encourage them to take on leadership roles as soon as they feel ready.
    • Potential candidates may also include students who have been involved in MSFC’s other programs, such as the Conference on Family Planning, Reproductive Health Externship, or Abortion Training Institutes.
  • Talk to each of these people personally.
    • Tell them why you think they would be great Student Leaders, and what you find to be rewarding about MSFC leadership.
  • Get them involved in planning events and have them organize their own event.
  • Try to designate successors a semester in advance so that you can have them attend key meetings with you. Hand over the reins before the beginning of summer, and include any notes, contacts, and records from your year as a student leader.
  • Make sure new student leaders are aware of MSFC details regarding ordering supplies, finances, fundraising, program opportunities, etc.

We also write and send out a monthly newsletter to our members with information on current events, a brief history lesson on reproductive justice, and action items. It is fun to compile and allows our members to see us pop up monthly in their inbox as a reminder we are still here!
Nora, MSFC leader in Chicago on recruitment and how having an M1 rep can help your chapter transition leadership smoothly.Read more