Guide to Leading Your Chapter / Starting an MSFC Chapter in Hostile Schools

Starting an MSFC Chapter in Hostile Schools

If you feel your school may be hostile towards events that your chapter is hosting, there are different things you can do to feel more comfortable on campus.

  • When starting your chapter, you do not have to go by MSFC. Some chapters will go by names like “Reproductive Health Interest Group” for example.
  • You also can be a subgroup of an already existing group on campus. Some chapters will do this with groups like AMWA.
  • You also don’t have to host events that are abortion-specific; there are many other topics in reproductive health that can be discussed, including birth control and miscarriage management.
  • (link to safety guide) Consider what safety measures you may need to put in place to prevent anti-choice students from crashing the event.
  • When planning events, make sure you are aware of safety measures available, whether at a venue or on an online platform such as zoom
  • Depending on your institution and the topic of your event, it may not be safe to advertise events to your entire campus. Keeping event advertisement within trusted chapter members is a good strategy
  • Vet those that have signed up for your event and don’t let those that have not been vetted into your event

If you experience threats or harassment, please reach out to your Student Organizer and keep documentation. We are here to help!