Guide to Leading Your Chapter / Starting an MSFC Chapter

Starting an MSFC Chapter

If your school doesn’t currently have a chapter of MSFC, or you are working on reviving an inactive chapter, you can reach out to and a member of our Student Organizing team will contact you. The process for officially starting a chapter is very simple on MSFC HQ’s end – after talking with a Student Organizer and completing a page of paperwork, you’re all set! However, the process for getting the chapter off the ground on your campus can be more complex and depends on the context of your location and institution. MSFC HQ is here to support you however we can in brainstorming ideas, sharing resources to support your plans and goals, and more; but we ultimately leave it up to you to decide what direction your chapter takes. Some things you’ll want to consider are:

For a student perspective on the process of starting a new chapter, check out this blog post series from Leeore: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Start a Chapter Part 1, Part 2