Guide to Leading Your Chapter / Curriculum Reform

Curriculum Reform

Abortion, reproductive justice, and family planning training should be a standard part of all medical school curricula. Improving your school’s curriculum to include these components may be the most important work that your MSFC chapter does, because it benefits future medical students as well. We encourage you to partner with other organizations to make sure reproductive healthcare training is comprehensive, anti-racist, gender-inclusive, and more.

MSFC offers the following resources to help with curriculum reform:

Start by reaching out to student organizations and OB/GYN faculty already involved in similar work, who might already have ideas about how to reform the curriculum.  Reach out to whoever runs your repro block (or the equivalent) and start inquiring about the curriculum structure if you’re looking to reform the preclinical curriculum.  Basically, don’t reinvent the wheel!Becca, MSFC leader at Ohio State University.Read more