Guide to Leading Your Chapter / Other MSFC Programs

Other MSFC Programs


There are a number of conferences offered by MSFC HQ throughout the year, full of educational sessions, opportunities to network with alumni and members, and more. Be sure to share these opportunities with your members and classmates – they’re not just open to student leaders.

Reproductive Health Externship Program

The RHE Program offers 2+ weeks of shadowing at a partner clinic, with funding available. Since many schools won’t offer the opportunity to observe and learn about abortion care during clinical rotations, the RHE may be a way for you to make up the gaps. We have externship sites around the US and in several other countries. Learn more about the program here.

The PPAG staff warmly welcomed us with full cooperation and hospitality throughout the externship. It was an exciting experience observing the clinical procedures conducted, including youth counselling, family planning, and comprehensive abortion care. Most clients came in worried about how they would be perceived or judged, but they were always received with a smile, and their health and safety was assured. Frank Kiwango, Sweetness Laizer and Yasson Mwakibinga on their RHE experience in Ghana.Read More